Episode #7: Video Surveillance Data Lake with Ken Mills and Terry Gainer

The Source Episode #7: Video Surveillance Data Lake for Public Safety.  The growing need of instant access to relevant information impacts every industry, maybe none more important than Public Safety.  From body-worn cameras, dashboard cameras, surveillance videos, cell phone videos, social networking, etc…  Public Safety officials are facing a mountain of information from various siloed sources.  Ken Mills (@otherKen), Video Surveillance Strategy Lead for EMC joins me this week along with Terry Gainer, former law enforcement officer with over 30 years’ experience.  Join us as Terry provides insight into the real challenges faced by law enforcement today and how the EMC Federation is delivering complete solutions to address these real time data analytic needs.  Be sure to subscribe to The Source Podcast on iTunes and Google Play.

 The Source: Episode #7 – Video Surveillance Data Lake for Public Safety with Ken Mills and Terry Gainer


The Source Podcast; Episode #7 – Video Surveillance Data Lake for Public Safety with Ken Mills and Terry Gainer


This week’s show features a very special guest “Terry Gainer” https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Terrance_W._Gainer  Terry spent 40 years in law enforcement including Sergeant at Arms of the United States Senate, he brings a world of knowledge regarding how technology is directly impacting law enforcement.

Here is a quote from a recent “Government Technology” article regarding Law Enforcement agencies Facing Complex data Challenges. “If a significant event occurred, we could be harvesting a massive amount of video — some body-worn, some surveillance video, some cell phone videos from the public, etc.,” said Datta. “In many cases it would be siloed. How do we go about searching for video relevant to an incident across these silos? Eventually we are going to need tools that span multiple cloud solutions so we can get the data we need and analyze it across multiple cloud platforms. We’ve been posing that challenge to our vendors, and they are looking into how to provide that, though it’s still kind of unclear at this point.”   The Full Article is here… http://www.govtech.com/data/Law-Enforcement-Agencies-Face-Complex-Data-Challenges.html

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