Envisioning the Future of IT

No matter what business you are in or the size of your organization today, if you are an IT leader, you must be contemplating the future of IT in the context of the massive change in our industry. What will it look like? And how can I ensure I fully leverage it to the benefit of my customers and my own company?

A new study of over 10,000 IT decision-makers has confirmed that a common vision of that future is emerging around the globe.  The results are a good representation of the IT practitioner in the data center today – how they’re feeling and how they’re thinking. This study was sponsored by EMC and was conducted by independent market research specialist Vanson Bourne. You can explore the results in-depth.

There are three tenets of this shared vision.  First, is a belief that technology will create a competitive advantage as more and more business moves online.  While this has always been true in some industries, it is becoming common across industries.  Just look at the home today – a smart phone app is becoming critical buying criteria for everything from thermostats and home security systems to washing machines and garage doors.

Second is a conviction that IT must become an in-house provider of on-demand services. The accessibility of applications and technology for consumers, combined with the ease-of-use in public cloud for organizations, has raised the bar.  Now IT organizations around the globe know that they too must provide services on-demand.

Lastly, there is a belief that the best way to improve agility and security in IT service offerings is to combine public and private clouds in a hybrid cloud solution. In fact, 64% identified the need for joint public and private cloud services – hybrid cloud – in order to ensure their organization is agile and that critical information will be protected.

The role of in-house IT is evolving in light of the impact technology megatrends are having on business and society.  IT departments continue being asked to deliver more value to the company with fewer resources.  Offering on-demand services, including hybrid cloud and automated infrastructure are key ways to win in this environment.

All around the world, IT leaders are innovating ways to enable business growth as quickly and efficiently as possible – that’s the future of IT.

About the Author: Josh Kahn