Enterprise Platform as a Service Explained: Our Experts Take a Deeper Dive

EMC IT’s new Enterprise-Platform-as-a-Service offering brings automation, agility and efficiency by providing users with an on-demand IT landscape on which to develop their applications. For a closer look at this holistic approach, check out the following videos by members of the IT Platform Strategy and Engineering team

Bill Reid — Senior Director, IT Platform Strategy and Engineering — gives an overview of ePaaS, including why EMC IT developed it and what it will mean for the business.


Darryl Smith — Chief Database Architect, EMC IT — explains the architecture of this new offering and what its delivery means to IT administrators.


James Nuzzo — Sr. IT Application Development Manager — highlights how ePaaS will aid application developers with self-provisioning, faster deployment and greater visibility into the development process.


And for a more strategic look at EMC IT’s development of ePaaS, read Bill Reid’s recent blog: Platform-as-a-Strategy—It’s all about business capabilities.

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