Enriching the service desk user experience with Bomgar and KACE integration

According to Gartner, the service desk market is highly commoditized with most products offering 90 to 95 percent similar functionality. Not surprisingly, the key differentiating factors that set service desk products apart are ease-of-use and integration with complimentary solutions. Customers that have disparate solutions that are not part of an integrated experience often face inefficiencies due to wasteful redundancies and time-consuming manual processes. So integration and ease-of-use can directly translate to time and money savings for IT organizations.

Dell KACE offers an easy-to-use, comprehensive and affordable service desk solution through its partnership with Bomgar an appliance-based remote support solution to offer superior quality of service and faster resolution times. The integration saves time and money for organizations by enabling them to remotely diagnose and address incidents thereby allowing them to cut travel costs, optimize IT labor costs, lower cost per call, reduce employee downtime, improve first call resolution rates and resolve issues much faster than ever before.

The service desk is the face of IT! User-experience with the service desk significantly impacts the reputation of the entire IT organization and the overall productivity of an organization. As companies become increasingly distributed, remote communication plays an important role in defining the quality of the user experience with the service desk and the support organization. Learn more about how Bomgar and Dell KACE offer remote collaboration capabilities integrated into an easy-to-use, comprehensive and affordable service desk solution.

About the Author: Saranya Babu