Empowering Your Cloud

Everyone is talking about "The Cloud" and the promising world of "Big Data." But these concepts are brought into existence only by implementing and growing technical infrastructure. Without Symms and VNX’s — countless different array, parts, and cabling that comprise data infrastructure — "The Cloud" would be nothing but empty air. One of the most fitting analogies about the Cloud is that of a morphing entity: one that has no predetermined shape or size. Indeed, this is one important characteristic of modern data centers as well. But unlike clouds, machines have very specific sets of instructions and "tools" that make them do what they do. Without these "tools" data centers would not work as designed.  bigdata-300x206.jpg

Hence, we always encourage our customers to utilize these tools to their full capacity, so that arrays can work to their maximum potential. One of the most important "tools" for an EMC customer is to stay abreast of all product code levels and pertinent information for their environment.  Being aware of new feature and enhancements — and taking advantage of the latest advances in technology — is time well spent, and will undoubtedly save time and money in the long run.

For the most recent info on reliability enhancements and new functionality, please visit the following, as it will surely add value: https://support.emc.com.

Emiliano Avellaneda

Global Enterprise Services

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