Empowering a Community of Momentous Women

During Global Partner Summit at Dell Technologies World 2018, the Dell EMC Women’s Partner Network hosted the “Momentous Women” cocktail reception, an evening of celebration and empowerment. Cheryl Cook, Senior Vice President of Global Channel Marketing, welcomed a crowd of more than 150 women (and men) from across the global Dell EMC partner community and the Dell Technologies organization.

Throughout her career, Cook—executive sponsor of the Dell EMC Women’s Partner Network—shared, she has often found herself the only woman in the room. And, polling the audience, it was clear that the same held true for many of the event attendees.

“Truly, that is the goal of the Dell EMC Women’s Partner Network: to get more women in the room,” Cook shared. “We want to support and empower our women partners by enabling you to build and develop relationships … So you can drive your business and your career.”

The Dell EMC Women’s Partner Network: Stepping Forward and Leading the Way

The Dell EMC Women’s Partner Network is dedicated to advancing and empowering women in technology through access to resources, special events and leadership; and by creating a global community that facilitates relationship-building, mentorship and business growth.

The Dell EMC Women’s Partner Network seeks to:

  • Bring together women from across our global partner ecosystem and from within the Dell Technologies organization
  • Create an atmosphere to connect, share and build business relationships
  • Bring awareness and provide access to programs and key initiatives created to support women

Cook noted, “Your presence here represents not only the need for this kind of network, but, more importantly, it also represents your willingness to step forward and lead the way.”

To help members achieve this, the Dell EMC Women’s Partner Network has created a new LinkedIn community. In addition, Dell EMC partners can access the Women’s Partner Network page on the Dell EMC Partner Portal.

Joyce Mullen: Diversity and Inclusion is a Powerful Strategy that can Help Us Grow Our Business

Joyce Mullen, President, Global Channel, OEM and IoT Solutions, Dell EMC, was among the many leaders present to support the work and mission of the Dell EMC Women’s Partner Network.

“Research shows that we need diversity in talent in order to compete. But as an industry, we have work to do,” Mullen shared, adding, “I’ve been at Dell for nearly 20 years. Any of you who have been in the industry that long know we never could have filled this room two decades ago.”

Mullen noted that diversity and inclusion is a business imperative in the Dell culture, which delivers both business and social value that is important to Dell’s market leadership.

She then shared details around just a few of the many Dell programs created to help elevate and promote women within the organization. In addition, Mulled stated that it is the goal of the Women’s Partner Network to leverage the existing Dell programs to create greater opportunities for Dell EMC partners.

“Not only is diversity and inclusion the right thing to do, but it’s a powerful strategy that helps us grow our business,” said Mullen. “As part of the Dell EMC Women’s Partner Network, I am committed to supporting and empowering you, and I hope you will do the same for all of your peers.”

To be a part of this community of “Momentous Women,” join the Dell EMC Women’s Partner Network LinkedIn group. Or, if you are a Dell EMC Partner, visit the Dell EMC Women’s Partner Network page on the Partner Portal.

About the Author: Jennifer Hoye