EMC ViPR Is Shipping…and ViPR Central Is Now Available, With Developer Tools, Community and Test Environment

If you follow EMC, then you’ve no doubt heard that last month we announced the availability of EMC ViPR, which is now commercially available and shipping (effective Friday September 27th). EMC ViPR is a new approach to delivering storage that transforms an existing multi-vendor storage infrastructure into a simple, extensible, and open software-defined storage platform. With ViPR, enterprises and service providers can deliver storage-as-a-service for about a penny per GB per month.

Today we’re excited to announce a new online resource—ViPR Central—which supports customers, partners, developers, and inquiring minds with information about ViPR—from buying decisions to brainstorming use case scenarios. Accessible through ViPR Central is the EMC Developer Network (EDN) for ViPR Data Services which provides a central hub to download ViPR SDKs, documents and resources. In addition, ViPR Central includes links to the new EMC ViPR GitHub Community, a destination for developers to join and download a growing set of ViPR software tools and developer kits.

This latest news is a major milestone since we first unveiled the technology at EMC World in May 2013. Since then we’ve spent a lot of time talking about how ViPR simplifies the customer experience by:

  • Abstracting storage from existing infrastructure into standardized virtual pools of storage;
  • Automating provisioning, protection, and change management; and
  • Delivering self-service access to storage.

Today’s announcement illustrates how extensible ViPR is:

  • It is a hyper-scale, agile software platform that dynamically adapts and responds to new use cases and workloads;
  • It provides APIs for both northbound and southbound extensions; and
  • It integrates out-of-the-box with computing stacks such as VMware, OpenStack, and Microsoft and with third-party arrays such as NetApp.

And of course these new tools announced today also demonstrate that EMC is delivering on its promise to make ViPR open through:

  • Supporting data path REST APIs including Amazon S3, OpenStack Swift, and EMC Atmos, with plans to add HDFS later this year and an even wider variety of data types in the future;
  • Providing control path REST APIs for storage management ideally suited for ‘dev ops’ style automation; and
  • Providing a platform for creating and delivering new data services that span block, file, and object storage.

EMC’s Advanced Software Division is delighted to celebrate the commercial availability of ViPR with customers, developers, and partners worldwide. For more information about the significance of this achievement, see Amitabh Srivastava’s Reflections piece.

About the Author: Salvatore DeSimone