EMC Video Transport

One of the greatest challenges that organizations face with their surveillance data is the ability to aggregate structured and unstructured data sets relevant to real-time situational awareness and post event investigations. The transfer and aggregation of this data is becoming more challenging every day as agencies continue to add security assets and sensors that increase the total amount of surveillance exponentially. A critical aspect to consider is how can organizations gain access to this important data routinely and securely? Even with unlimited network bandwidth organizations still have to contend with the efficient utilization of their networks as well as ensure that the data they are generating with their surveillance systems is accessible where and when they need it.

To facilitate the aggregation of data for analysis EMC is introducing EMC Video Transport (EVT). EVT is an Agent and manager host based application that can seamlessly manage the data transfer from thousands of remote, distributed sites in an automated or ad hoc fashion. EVT Agents from remote sites communicate with Agents at the central site while the Manager application coordinates and controls the entire process. All transfer activities are logged in detail for chain of custody reporting as well as provide real-time notification and updates of transfers in progress. Using patented network bandwidth management algorithms EVT provides accelerated file transfer as much as 30-100% faster than traditional OS based copy services. EVT employs check point restarts so interrupted transfers restart from where they left off. Transfer persistence and assurance built into EVT also guarantees file transfers will be completed if scheduled target Agents are offline or unexpected network outages impacts file transfer jobs. The level of assurance and persistence for file transfers provided by EVT is far beyond that of traditional OS based copy commands typically used in home grown scripts and cron jobs. EVT also has a cloud ennoblement plug-in for S3 compatible cloud providers.


EMC’s Surveillance Validation lab has performed extensive testing with EVT and most major Video Management Software providers. Please refer to the Validation matrix on EMC.com at


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