EMC Technology Boosts Performance, Becomes An Enabler For Business Growth For RegEd

For companies doing business online, client experience is critical. In fact, industry studies have shown that if the online experience is not optimal in performance and usability, the outcome is dissatisfied clients.

As a Principal Architect for RegEd, a provider of professional licensing and compliance management solutions, I understand this all too well. As a company, we hold a substantial market share among the top 1,000 financial services firms, and we didn’t get there without delivering an outstanding client experience. This is where EMC enters the picture.

I speak about how EMC helped RegEd in the following video:

In the financial services industry, the stakes are brutally high. Firms can face daunting penalties and fines if employees sell financial products without proper licensing, let their certifications expire or release sensitive information. That’s why firms depend on RegEd to generate accurate, real-time reports on the compliance status of thousands of their employees.

As our user base swelled to more than a million end users and our databases grew to terabytes in size, online response times became sluggish. We were rightfully concerned about sustaining that user experience, a reputation we built our business on.

To give our client experience a makeover and sustain that reputation, we upgraded our legacy EMC storage to EMC VNX unified storage with the FAST Suite, FAST Cache and auto-tiering, as well as Pivotal solutions including Greenplum to accelerate analytics reporting. Now, clients can get a dashboard with rapid access to information so they’re alerted to any out-of-compliance activities. Moreover, they can generate detailed compliance reports in ten seconds or less.

Looking back, performance gains were substantive. With application speeds doubling, this boost has translated to benefit our enterprise Sales team and our client base. Marketing a compliance technology suite that includes more than a dozen products, this cleared a path for Sales to cross-sell much more effectively.

And it’s working. Since overhauling our infrastructure with EMC, we’ve seen a 60% increase year-over-year in customer workloads. Because of the intelligence in the VNX and its ability to almost real-time adjust to changes in workload we were able to absorb this increase with little to no effort. This proved the VNX platform was a truly scalable enterprise grade technology.

This has also enabled RegEd to quickly ingest new acquisitions, offering clients new capabilities, such as social media archiving and surveillance and online storefronts for traders.

For example, we absorbed one acquisition in just 60 days. The firm we acquired had an outdated data center with applications fighting for resources. Fortunately, we were able to rapidly bring them into compliance with our reliability and security standards and get those new products to our clients.

Ultimately, it was our drive to provide a better experience for the client that led us down the path of this transformation with EMC. We couldn’t be happier with the results.

About the Author: Jim Olevano