EMC Security Chief Highlights New Strategies to Meet Big Impact IT Trends for 2013

New, advanced technologies continue to provide a faster, more agile environment. But those technologies – cloud computing, mobile platforms, Big Data and social media – can widen the exposure companies face to potential security threats.

To help companies remain proactive in their security measures, the latest Security for Business Innovation Council (SBIC) report titled, “Information Security Shake-Up: Disruptive Innovations to Test Security’s Mettle in 2013,” offers a forward-looking analysis of the new enterprise threats in 2013, and recommendations for how security teams can limit risk.

The report also examines four strategic steps enterprises can leverage to strengthen their security programs, including: How to boost risk and business skills, court middle management, tackle IT supply chain issues and build tech-savvy action plans.

You can learn more about the SBIC Trends Report 2013 by viewing the following video featuring EMC Vice President and Chief Security Officer Dave Martin. We have also discussed related topics in previous blogs on this site, which combined with Dave’s video and the new report, will offer a full picture of security innovations we’ve explored at EMC.  

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