EMC Partners Continue to Help Redefine Innovation

This year’s Momentum and EMC World events are focused on the concept of “REDEFINE”. We continue to work with EMC Information Intelligence Group (IIG) Partners to redefine business for our customers. Today we are announcing and recognizing a number of our partners for their innovative solutions, attaining excellence in customer satisfaction, and announcing new elements to our support programs and services.

Let’s start with applauding and recognizing innovative solutions. Our partner solutions and services are moving business processes from 10 days down to two; from days to hours. Along the way, these partners are improving our customers’ businesses with lower costs, higher levels of customer service, and secure and compliant information management.

This week we presented some of our Americas partners for excellence and innovation in solution development, design integration, and best practices for implementation and deployment, adding to the list of our EMEA partners for solution innovation recognized last week:

This week we also presented Controle with the IIG President’s Award for Customer Satisfaction, an award recognizing achievements at the highest levels of customer satisfaction in a services or solution implementation. Controle received personal letters of recommendations from CIOs of some of the most well-known global companies, which is impressive given that Information Governance and eDiscovery are not typically topics that CIOs are willing to praise. This, combined with their three-step closed loop customer satisfaction program, demonstrates how Controle has redefined and improved customer satisfaction.

And last, but certainly not least, we are also redefining and innovating IIG’s partner support programs and services to help our partnerships grow with new support tools, including a partner-focused digital marketing platform, a partner Marketing Academy, an enhanced partner community, and other sales and marketing resources. We continue to align the Information Intelligence program with the EMC Business Partner Program, allowing our partners to better leverage the EMC brand and resources to drive more business.

We’re also pleased to see our EMC Certified Solution program grow. These solutions instill the highest level of confidence because they have been rigorously tested and approved as best-in-class. With 110 business and enabling solutions across 10 different industries, our partners are delivering proven and reliable solutions across the globe. Our program has grown ~175% since 2012, and has continued to achieve significant milestones since its inception three years ago. We appreciate the commitment these partners have made and are delighted to be “giving back” through the new program enhancements.

So please join me in thanking the IIG EMC Business Partners for their contributions to redefining the ECM and BPM industries, and congratulate those who are making extra efforts to drive business forward and push innovation even further.

About the Author: Karthik Manimozhi