The EMC Isilon Uptime Bulletin, reinvented

When we launched the EMC® Isilon® Uptime Bulletin in 2013, each issue was published in a PDF format that could be downloaded from the EMC Online Support site. Because the Uptime Bulletin contains timely information, such as OneFS target code, tips, and the latest firmware releases, we wanted to deliver this information to our customers in a more direct way.

Beginning this year, new Uptime Bulletin content is published to the Uptime Information Hub on the Isilon online community. You can now locate useful information about best practices, OneFS patches, and the latest OneFS and firmware releases, at a glance. The Uptime Information Hub is continuously updated with new information. So be sure to bookmark this page and check it regularly.

New uptime OneFS topic articles

Every quarter, we develop Uptime Bulletin articles that offer tips and best practice information about using OneFS. Here is a summary of new articles that you can now read on the Uptime Information Hub.

  • OneFS MRs and How We Drive Continuous Improvements
    Todd Dillon

    Todd Dillon, Senior Director of Software Engineering, explains how Isilon Storage Division uses the EMC Total Customer Experience process to triage every customer-impacting event in OneFS that happens worldwide. Learn how this three-phase process helps to drive continuous improvements with quality assurance (QA) and how maintenance releases (MRs) are determined.

  • Planning OneFS Upgrades with Global Namespace Acceleration (GNA) Nodes
    GNA is a OneFS feature that helps you increase performance by using solid state drives (SSDs) to store metadata for read-only purposes. If you use the GNA feature and are planning to upgrade to OneFS 7.0 and later, there are important considerations you need to make. Learn how to verify that your cluster meets minimum requirements for GNA before you upgrade.
  • Performance Monitoring and Planning
    uptime performance article
    Basic performance measurement knowledge of your current Isilon cluster can help you in understanding how adding new volumes or workloads will impact performance. This article walks you through how to perform a workload analysis, and provides best practice information about when to perform this type of analysis.

If you have article feedback or comments, please leave a comment on the Isilon community.  You can also review the PDF versions of past issues of the Uptime Bulletin by visiting the EMC Online Support site.

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