EMC Isilon SmartLock: An overview and demonstration

EMC Isilon supports multiple data protection strategies for your cluster environment. Last month, we featured a video about EMC Isilon SyncIQ™, which uses snapshot technology to replicate changed blocks of data. If you want to apply Write Once Read Many (WORM) data protection to files on your cluster, consider EMC Isilon SmartLock™. SmartLock is Isilon’s licensed software-based approach to WORM data protection and retention.

We have two videos to help you become more familiar with SmartLock. The first video, “Data Protection with EMC Isilon SmartLock,” provides an overview about SmartLock features and functionality. The second video, “Technical Demo: EMC Isilon SmartLock,” provides a demonstration of several procedures in the OneFS command-line interface, such as creating SmartLock directories and setting a default retention period.

SmartLock overview

When you license SmartLock for your cluster, you can have a mix of files with normal protection and files with WORM (or SmartLock) protection. With SmartLock, you designate SmartLock directories and select files in those directories to commit to SmartLock status. During the commit process, files are assigned a retention period: a period. During this retention period, files cannot be modified or deleted.

SmartLock operates in either Enterprise or Compliance mode. Compliance mode enables you to meet specific regulatory compliance requirements, such as SEC 17a-4 requirements. If you run SmartLock in Compliance mode, the entire cluster operates in Compliance mode and cannot be reverted to Enterprise mode.

In the following video, EMC Isilon Solutions Architect Russ Stevenson covers these concepts in more detail and answers the following frequently asked questions:

  • What is SmartLock?
  • What are the options for setting up and configuring SmartLock?
  • How does the privileged delete function work?
  • How do I commit a file to SmartLock status?
  • What is SmartLock compliance mode?

[youtube_sc url=”http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X1WUX2DjL8A&list=PLbssOJyyvHuXZ_3JKT5ugbuHPQqZm3e5f&index=9″]

SmartLock technical demo

If you’re already familiar with SmartLock and want to learn more about some common commands, the following video offers demonstrations of these procedures:

  • Initial configuration
  • Default retention period
  • File commitment and properties
  • Explicit retention period
  • Retention date override
  • Privileged delete

[youtube_sc url=”http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rBPGP0aZw74″]

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