EMC Isilon Petrovault: Keep the Data, Cut the Costs

I’m writing to you from the heart of Texas, where I’m at SEG 2011, the Society of Exploration Geophysicists annual exhibition and meeting in San Antonio. And what better place to announce our newest integrated offering – EMC Isilon Petrovault!

Increasing data volumes are placing a burden on business as companies are struggling to add more storage to ensure that important information is readily available. This is particularly true for the oil and gas industry as increasing data volume is needed in their exploration efforts.

In the traditional storage model, all data is stored on the primary layer of storage, which drives up costs as well as management headaches. However, less than 30 percent of data on primary storage is typically accessed in the last six months – so why should businesses pay for all their data to be on the most expensive tier of storage?

That’s right, they shouldn’t.

With EMC Isilon Petrovault, the system adds a layer of scalable, cost-effective and easy-to-manage capacity between HPC primary storage and tape, so oil and gas organizations can automatically migrate data from primary to secondary storage to maximize system efficiency, while keeping all data immediately available. To learn more about Petrovault, you can go here.

While Petrovault is new, Isilon’s role in powering the oil and gas business is not. Customers around the world are currently leveraging Isilon in their upstream oil and gas exploration. Customers like…

  • PetroChina, the publicly-traded arm of China National Petroleum Corporation has deployed EMC® Isilon® scale-out NAS to power the Northwest branch of its Research Institute of Petroleum Exploration and Development (PetroChina NWGI). Using Isilon’s X-Series, powered by the OneFS® operating system, PetroChina NWGI has consolidated a range of oil and gas exploration, acquisition and distribution applications on a single, shared storage resource, simplifying big data management for its mission-critical operations.
  • Arcis Corporation, a leading seismic data solutions provider based in Canada. Leveraging Isilon’s X- and NL-Series in combination with SmartPools, Arcis has unified 40 disconnected data silos into a single file system that can be concurrently accessed by dozens of geoengineers. With Isilon, Arcis has sustained nearly 20x data growth without the need for any additional IT staff
  • Kelman, which provides geophysical data management tools and solutions to clients around the world from its headquarters in Houston, TX. Using Isilon’s X- and NL-Series as the primary storage platform for its 2D and 3D seismic processing and analysis, Kelman has reduced storage management to less than one FTE, while improving productivity across its entire workflow.

Along with PetroChina, Arcis and Kelman, Isilon also boasts Cypress E&P, Geotrace, Penn Virginia and the Seismic Exchange as publicly announced oil and gas customers.

For more on our solutions for the energy industry, please go here.

Are you at SEG this week? If so, come on by booth #848 and have a chat!

About the Author: Nick Kirsch