EMC Isilon OneFS upgrade content updates

When planning for an Isilon OneFS upgrade, there are many documents you can reference. We recently conducted research to learn how these documents help EMC Isilon customers and employees through the OneFS upgrade process. Based on our findings, we made some changes to Isilon OneFS upgrade content that we want to share with you.

OneFS Upgrade Info Hub

To help you find OneFS upgrade documents more quickly, please visit the new OneFS UpgradesInfo Hub. An info hub is a web page on the Isilon Community that serves as a nexus of useful content related to a specific topic. The OneFS Upgrades – Info Hub will be refreshed frequently with new and relevant information, so check this web page often.

OneFS upgrade readiness checklist archive

The content from OneFS Upgrade Readiness Checklists (from OneFS 6.5 through OneFS 7.2 versions) have been merged with the Upgrade Planning and Process Guide. If you bookmarked a link to a OneFS Upgrade Readiness Checklist in the past, you’ll now be redirected to this message.

OneFS Upgrade Readiness Checklist Archive

Our main goal is to reduce the number of documents you need to refer to when planning for a OneFS upgrade. By merging these checklists with the definitive Upgrade Planning and Process Guide, we’re creating a single reference to help you through the entire OneFS upgrade process.

The Upgrade Planning and Process Guide can be applied to any version of OneFS. Because this is a long document, we’ll be incorporating changes over time to help make it easier to navigate. For example, we’ll include a checklist at the beginning of the guide, which is linked to corresponding sections for more information.

If you have feedback about these content updates, please leave a comment or send an email to isicontent@emc.com.


About the Author: Kirsten Gantenbein