EMC Gets HIP in Healthcare: Introducing EMC Healthcare Integration Portfolio

EMC is getting hip with a new approach to healthcare information systems integration. I certainly don’t mean trendy or stylish but rather current…Healthcare organizations worldwide are faced with the challenge of improving outcomes and managing costs, grappling with the vast amount of patient-related content produced in clinical and operational processes. To overcome this, it is critical to focus on information sharing and collaboration to enhance the Electronic Medical Record (EMR), thereby driving down costs and improving care. That’s why we’re announcing EMC Healthcare Integration Portfolio (HIP).

The EMC Information Intelligence Group’s (IIG) HIP is a new suite of products specifically designed to help simplify the management and sharing of all forms of patient-related content. HIP provides support for healthcare IT standards such as XDS, HL7 and DICOM, and enhances the value of an EMR, enabling the rich content management services of Documentum to be applied seamlessly to the management of patient-related content throughout its lifecycle, from capture to disposition or retention.

What does it mean to be HIP?


It’s about getting the right information to the right people supporting the right clinical or operational processes at their point of need.  It’s having a patient-centric view of content from all your systems to your fingertips so you can better serve the needs of your patients and maintain quality using real intelligence.

And EMC is pulling it all together in an open manner.


It’s mod. I mean modular in a suite so that you can take advantage of as much of its capabilities as you need.  And of course, it’s also mod because it is designed from ground-up to enable you to deploy to clouds – private, hybrid or public – and gain the cost advantages.

Get rapid access to patient health data at the point of care. Access a vendor neutral repository for storing structured and unstructured healthcare content including images, media and other patient-centric documents.

Leverage the scalable software architecture based on open standards so you can jive and drive on that interoperability between any healthcare information application or system, including out-of-the-box with EMRs such as EPIC.


So are you looking to bring dramatic improvement to your hospital’s operational success? Are you looking to make a dramatic improvement in your patient experience and your clinician satisfaction? It’s cool to lower costs, bring the applications together and thereby bring the people in the processes together to make a difference. Good, we thought so too…that’s HIP.

About the Author: Lalith Subramanian