EMC Data Protection Survival Kit

Today we are announcing the EMC Data Protection Suite, EMC’s market-leading backup and archive solution, available to customers as a suite that’s easy to purchase, implement and use.  This approach unlocks the value of EMC solutions and can evolve with changing customer demands.

swiss knifeEMC has always believed that best-of-breed products satisfy specific customer requirements much better than multi-purpose products.  Let’s face it — if you were out in the wild and you had to cut wood for a fire, you’d want the proper tools for the job. Would you rather have a Swiss Army knife, with its mini-saw and variety of miniature utensils, none of which are particularly efficient — or a full-fledged survival kit with well-made, dependable implements?  Data protection needs to be effective and efficient…day after day, time after time.

surv kit

Like an “IT survival kit,” the Data Protection Suite provides advantages for multiple types of users (think people in your camping group – one might use the axe, while another uses the shovel). Our competitors favor the multi-tool model which can leave their customers without viable options to address the scale, cost and complexity challenges they are sure to face.

EMC customers using the Data Protection Suite have access to many differentiated capabilities. Enhanced integration with VMware vSphere and Microsoft Hyper-V delivers the best backup solution for virtual infrastructures. Deep integration with Data Domain through DD Boost provides a superior end-to-end solution with the industry’s leading backup appliances. Unique integration with Oracle databases delivers enhanced options for business critical application protection.  These are just a few examples of the benefits of EMC backup and archive and the Data Protection Suite.

The Data Protection Suite makes proven EMC backup, archive, discovery and compliance capabilities more easily available to our customers. The table below summarizes the capabilities and use cases addressed:

DPS chart

The suite combines the value of products such as EMC Avamar, EMC NetWorker, EMC Data Domain Boost, EMC Data Protection Advisor and EMC SourceOne.

Pricing for the Data Protection Suite is primarily on a tiered basis which rewards volume purchase, and enhances the cost-effectiveness of the suite.

EMC has been piloting this solution for some time now — and customers love it. In fact, well over 100 customers have already deployed the suite, many choosing to increase the front-end capacity protected by the suite over time.


Here’s what Ed McLain, Director of Cloud Architecture, TekLinks had to say about the EMC Data Protection Suite (click to enlarge):

Also, hear what our customers Blank Rome, Ecolabs, and Discovery Holdings have to say about their success with the Data Protection Suite.

There is no one-size-fits-all solution that is right for all customers.  The Data Protection Suite provides the optimal “IT survival kit” that you can rely on to protect your organization’s critical data — even if it doesn’t come with a plastic toothpick and tweezers.

About the Author: Steve Flynn