EMC Customer Service Teams Fully Engaged in Supporting Local Communities!

2014 has seen numerous local initiatives whereby our EMEA Customer Service teams engaged into supporting local communities. The EMC Gives Back campaign has inspired numerous employees and encouraged them to get involved. Some actions were already featured here early in 2014. Here are a few highlights on more activities which took place in 2014:

Customer Service teams from the Hamburg office handed over a symbolic check to Dunkelziffer e.V., an organization EMC Customer Service Germany supported in the first half of 2014. For the second half of 2014, EMC CS Germany started a new collaboration with Off Road Kids, which proved very successful with even more funds raised.

In Poland, efforts taking place since 2012 were pursued with PAH (Polska Akcja Humanitarna). For every customer responding to the Customer Satisfaction Survey, EMC is donating 12 euros to Polish Humanitarian Action.  This initiative is very positively perceived by both our customers and PAH, recently recognizing our contribution on their website.

Over a year ago, the EMC Customer Service team in South Africa embarked on a Community Service Involvement initiative to support the Baby Moses Sanctuary. Again, here for every Customer Satisfaction Survey returned to EMC Customer Service, EMC contributes R50 to the Baby Moses Sanctuary. Early December 2014, because the Sanctuary was in need of consumables goods (foods, soaps, clothes, etc.), the contributions were also opened to the whole EMC Community. EMC employees responded generously, complementing the great customer donations. Total contributions were used to purchase goods needed by the Sanctuary.

Below a picture of the local Customer Service team at the Sanctuary, after handing over the goods purchased.


Throughout Europe, Middle East and Africa, Customer Service teams are proud to be involved in supporting local communities!

Bernadette Paillaud

EMEA Customer Service Marketing

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