EMC Cloud Tiering Appliance Now Available On VNX Series

Larger files, higher bandwidth and more data. These are just a few trends that are pushing user-generated files to the limit. The majority of these files are sitting cold and untouched, wasting valuable storage capacity. I’m excited to announce that EMC’s Cloud Tiering Appliance (CTA) 10.0 enables the automatic migration of these types of files across tiers and to the cloud to reduce operational costs and reclaim more storage capacity when used with the new EMC VNX Series (announced in September 2013). CTA 10.0 supports archiving from VNX to other EMC storage arrays including, VNX, VNXe, Isilon and Data Domain in addition to third parties such as Amazon S3 and Microsoft Azure.

The reception for the new VNX has been stellar. EMC’s new midrange storage offering delivers phenomenal price/performance—one-third the price for the same performance of the previous generation. And today we’re excited to bring even more value to customers to build upon the power of VNX unified storage. Tiering not only saves users money by archiving cold files to less-expensive secondary arrays, it optimizes primary storage, allowing the highest-performing system to be used for the hottest data. With CTA 10.0, tiering is easy. How easy? CTA 10.0 simplifies tiering management with policy wizards, simplifies installation and is compatible across local storage systems and the public cloud.

Want proof? Hear from one customer that’s using CTA on VNX:

What makes CTA 10.0 so great? Let’s take a look at three great features:

New User Interface

CTA 10.0 has a redesigned interface that leverages the familiar VNXe Unisphere management look and feel. CTA 10.0 also includes a wizard that helps users configure archiving and migration by guiding through the designation of settings, policies, and tasks. An intuitive, easy to use interface results in faster setups and lower management costs.

Seamless Integration

The new CTA 10.0 is also self-installable, facilitating the deployment process and reducing installation costs. Add these cost reductions to the savings that CTA 10.0 enables by tiering cold files, and the savings could really add up!


Broader Cloud Support

Lastly, but certainly not least, the new CTA 10.0 extends its support of public cloud with archiving to Microsoft Azure. Previously available with support for EMC Atmos (on-premise or through an EMC Velocity Service Provider partner) and Amazon S3, CTA now offers more choices for cloud tiering destinations. Data can be encrypted and compressed when archived to public cloud, helping to keep it safe and further reduce costs by decreasing capacity needs.

Learn More

Customers interested in trying out CTA 10.0 can download a free trial here.

About the Author: Jonathan Meltzer