EMC is Always Listening to Their Customers!

Let’s look at a familiar situation. You call a support center for assistance with a product or service – maybe it’s for your cable or even for your dishwasher. You mention to the support representative “this would be a lot easier if…” and they dutifully agree with you and promise to take down your information. Shortly after that call, you receive a survey. Where does that information go? Does it get sent to a manager or disappear into a black hole? After all, these are the people you count on to champion your idea.

You don’t need to worry about your EMC product feedback ending up in a black hole. EMC’sTotal Customer Experience (TCE) program has built a long-term strategy which optimizes our programs and strategic relationships, enabling us to improve customer value. The ongoing feedback we receive and analyze enables us to continually implement targeted action plans that align with your input. The action plans are built on real-world feedback and produce impactful and measureable results that directly benefit our customers and partners.

Murphy_Image_1-967317-editedIn early 2014, we took all of the survey responses, product quality data, and customer interviews for ViPR SRM and analyzed it for common trends. What did you have trouble with? What did you want to see more of? Next, we invited our support representatives in to tell us what they had heard. Quality Experience Leads from EMC’s Total Customer Experience (TCE) team then organized a Kaizen event including support, user experience, TCE, and engineering. As a cross-functional group, they were able to agree on the top five high impact items for presenting to ViPR SRM Product Management. Topics included reporting, documentation, user interface (UI) and more. As a result, the ViPR SRM team is driving new initiatives to enable more customer installable features, improve documentation, and reduce time to value. Customer feedback being put into action!

How is EMC listening?

  • Surveys
  • Social Media
  • Interviews
  • EMC Employees
  • And more

This means that customer ideas are presented directly to the people that design and produce the product you use. That also means they listen to those ideas and make real changes based on your input. These are your customer experience champions. Not just the person who listened to your suggestion or the one that read you survey. EMC has multiple teams working together and focusing on the ideas that mattered most to the end user.

That is how important the customer focus is at EMC. We are structured to create the most value across the entire customer journey. In fact, on October 7th we will be focusing the entire day on celebrating EMC’s dedication to the customer. It is called Total Customer Experience day and will be hosted virtually at EMC locations around the globe. We would like to invite you to join us or start a celebration of your own.

About the Author: Shawn Murphy