EMC Accelerates Business Operations With SAP

The virtualization of EMC’s global computing infrastructure has commanded long-term dedication to re-engineer the way we manage our internal systems and processes — our IT Transformation. As part of the journey, one of the most important system re-design has been our enterprise resource planning (ERP) platform. A few years ago, our old ERP had reached critical mass. It was aged, far too customized and increasingly became a hurdle to EMC operating at a speed demanded within a global enterprise. Knowing something had to change, EMC entered into a partnership with SAP to revolutionize our ERP platform.

In the summer of 2012, that mission — code named PROPEL — came to fruition. Through unprecedented collaboration between EMC’s business units and IT, 500 employees, consultants, systems integrators and partners completed a remarkably quick 27-month implementation of the new ERP system. The new system provided EMC with the transformative platform required to meet our everyday business needs. When the project team rang the bell on PROPEL, it instantly incorporated more than 8,000 global users which fundamentally changed the way EMC operates, providing new methods of collaboration, faster financial reporter, application integration and more.

In the year since, there is no doubting the impact of PROPEL. Our transaction speed has skyrocketed and we have slashed the time needed to process sales by more than 400 percent. PROPEL has also proven indispensible upon EMC’s integration of a newly acquired business. What once took months has been shaved to days; days to hours and hours to minutes.

PROPEL has also changed the game for EMC IT. The agility of our newly virtualized ERP combined with our cloud infrastructure has decreased IT costs by an estimated $11 million, and that number is only expected to rise in coming years.Yet, these are just the highlights. For the full story on EMC’s ERP transformation, we invite you to read our newly-published white paper titled, EMC Accelerates Business Operations With SAP.

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