Embrace Silos for Faster Insights with PowerEdge and OpenManage

Imagine being excited for a new product and ordering it online for in-store pickup. Surprisingly, the self-pickup kiosk does not have your order ready and you are told to return later. Instead, you go to a competitor.

Businesses often lose a competitive edge because of the frustration caused by disconnected data and IT silos. Today, technology innovation across your organization is integral to how you deliver value. According to IDC, by 2023, 50%¹ of GDP will be generated by products and services from digitally transformed enterprises. Digital transformation is not just about investing in new technologies but integrating the technology into operation and tools.

The latest announcements from PowerEdge and OpenManage are designed to help your business unleash innovation by delivering a connected experience, rapid enablement and continuous refinement.  

Connected experience leads to efficient operations

According to IDC, only 10% of data is tagged.² In other words, 90% of data is wasted.

The PowerEdge XE7100 server is designed to help organizations embrace data silos and bridge the collaboration gap with a data pipeline that pairs data flow efficiency with leading storage density – support 100 internal hard drives in a standard rack depth 5U server.³ PowerEdge XE7100 has an optimized compute and internal storage ratio to minimize latency and silos. Run data intensive applications with the option of one or two server sleds and a variety of accelerators. It can enhance collaboration and information flow between departments such as supply chain, finance and stores to improve customer satisfaction with accurate order information. – That self-pickup kiosk would have your order ready when you get there.

Rapid enablement to address business requirements intelligently

To win in the digital transformation era, your infrastructure needs to expand seamlessly to address business requirements rapidly. Back to the example we mentioned above, if the new pickup technology was enabled intelligently and had the ability to scale with demand, the customer experience would have been seamless.

The Dell EMC OpenManage Systems Management portfolio enables rapid deployment and intelligent server lifecycle automation. When your infrastructure is dynamic, IT becomes an enabler of rapid innovation.

Minimize IT burdens with intelligent tools that are adaptive to your environment spanning from edge to hybrid cloud:

  • OpenManage Integration for VMware vCenter update hypervisor and firmware in an 8-node PowerEdge cluster in less than 4 minutes4.
  • OpenManage Enterprise scale rapidly and monitor up to 8,000 PowerEdge servers and 3rd party devices remotely.
    • New servers can be discovered in OpenManage Enterprise without an IP scan in less than 60 seconds.5
    • The OpenManage FlexSelect pluggable architecture enables native integration and provides ultimate flexibility to reduce the learning curve:
      • On the OpenManage Enterprise console, you can flexibly enable needed functionalities as plugins from Power Manager, SupportAssist and Update Manager.6
      • For ServiceNow users, the OpenManage Integration with ServiceNow reduces IT silos by connecting server management to the broader operation needs from the ServiceNow console.

Continuous refinement for a path to build agile business and infrastructure

Hidden data is your secret weapon. Uncover the insights to make your infrastructure and business more responsive and agile.

PowerEdge XE7100 can store and process more data to refine your business, so you can respond rapidly to competitive changes in the marketplace. More data means you can improve accuracy to unleash powerful insight-driven innovation that matches your target customer needs.

Your infrastructure also has insights – iDRAC9 streams over 180 server telemetry metrics for proactive monitoring. By analyzing and visualizing the data, customers can uncover hidden insights between seemingly unrelated events for predictive management. Proactively fine tune your infrastructure by identifying performance bottlenecks which helps you minimize potential downtime. One of the use cases is to improve data center security – monitoring unusual user login activity or physical intrusion events on your servers, so you can take action rapidly.

See us virtually at the Dell Technologies World experience on October 21st and 22nd. Join us to discuss how the PowerEdge XE7100 can help you embrace data silos and how to leverage streaming data from iDRAC9 to gain deep datacenter insights. You can also learn more about the latest OpenManage capabilities at the Master Class webinar.

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About the Author: Minyi Pan

Minyi currently serves as a product marketing manager at Dell Technologies. Before entering the marketing field, she was a supply chain professional where her world revolved around analyzing data to optimize inventory, cost, and things arriving on time. Now she focuses on using what she learned in the supply chain field (like fancy data analytics) to share the best technology solutions and trends.