Embrace DevOps, Kubernetes and Automation with New Dell EMC Unity XT Plugins

Two major shifts are revolutionizing software development. First, the emergence of continuous delivery; and second, a microservice-based architecture that allows for greater scale.

At the heart of these trends is automation, and Dell Technologies has focused on developing integrations with leading DevOps and automation tools to accelerate application deployment and lifecycle management.

Today, we are announcing the availability of two such integrations for our leading midrange storage platform – Dell EMC Unity XT:

  • Container Storage Interface (CSI) plugin for Dell EMC Unity XT. Download it now on GitHub
  • VMware vRealize Orchestrator (vRO) plugin for Dell EMC Unity XT. Available today on VMware Solution Exchange

CSI plugin for Dell EMC Unity XT

Dell EMC Unity XT’s performance, simplicity and cloud-ready architecture makes it an ideal platform to consolidate workloads for easier management and greater ROI. The Container Storage Interface (CSI) plugin for Dell EMC Unity XT extends the consolidation to containerized workloads as well.  With the CSI plugin for Dell EMC Unity XT, customers can deploy stateful applications on a Kubernetes cluster with persistent storage backed by Unity XT’s performance and efficiency. The Dell EMC Unity XT storage classes that are part of the CSI plugin easily map persistent volumes to the storage LUNs and allows dynamic provisioning and mounting of these volumes in an automated deployment workflow.

vRO plugin for Dell EMC Unity XT

vRO is an incredibly easy to use workflow builder where you can drag and drop procedural building blocks to automate end to end processes across the infrastructure stack. With hundreds of external DevOps plugins and tools such as Chef, Puppet and upstream integrations with vRealize Automation and ServiceNow, vRO is growing in popularity as a de-facto standard tool for IT operations automation. The vRO plugin for Dell EMC Unity XT includes a wide range of workflows such as Provisioning, Data Protection, ESXi host level workflows as well as a number of storage object level tasks.

Get Started today!

If you are using one of the over 47,000 Dell EMC Unity platforms and DevOps is a critical aspect of your business and IT operations, you can install these plugins today and take the first step toward building a self-service model for your stakeholders to consume IT infrastructure. To learn more about the Dell EMC integrations with automation platforms, visit dellemc.com/storagesource.

About the Author: Audrius Stripeikis

Audrius Stripeikis manages Storage Automation and Kubernetes integrations for Dell EMC Storage.