Eliminate Your Wired Connection – New wireless access points deliver wired like performance

What is one of the most frustrating elements of wireless computing? From my perspective, it is the typical lack of bandwidth when trying to view videos, use my VOIP line, and other bandwidth intensive content.  

Just this week I have been on several calls with the presenters fading in and out as their VOIP phones search desperately for a solid connection. 

Well the times, they are a changing… to quote an old song.  The recent addition of 802.11ac Gigabit capable Access Points and Controllers to the Dell Networking W-Series family opens up a completely new

 level of wireless capabilities.  How much better performance?  How about up to 300% better performance when compared to 802.11n.  That is just for the 1st generation of 11ac devices.  The theoretical maximum is even higher and speeds will continue to increase over the next year. 

Now you have the option to drop new Dell W-AC224/225 802.11ac access points into your environments to see immediate performance improvements.  When coupled with the latest controllers, like the Dell W-72xx series the improvements are even better.

In recent testing, we saw some impressive results.  When running 11n the Dell Networking W-AP225 delivered an average of 394.34 Mbps.  When running 11ac the same device delivered an average of 644.12 Mbps.  And these are just averages; depending on your environment the speeds can be even higher.

For more details on recent testing visit the Dell Tech Center or visit Dell.com/wireless to explore the entire Dell Wireless family. 

About the Author: Terry M