ECS Support and Performance Enhancements

Using the most recent version of a storage product reduces the need for Service Requests and technical support. Being code current allows you to benefit from recent patches, fixes, and product enhancements that improve overall performance. Elastic Cloud Storage (ECS) version 3.5.1.x brings with it a host of new features, that will help you optimize both your product and your technical support experience, including Disks as Customer Replaceable Units (CRUs).

Of great importance with the ECS 3.5.1.x release is the availability of SSD Read Cache and Disks as CRUs.

SSD Read Cache: Organizations looking to unlock more performance from their ECS appliances now have the option to include a 960GB flash drive per node. This improves system-wide read latency and IOPS, supporting analytics workloads which require faster reads of large data sets.

Disks as CRUs: This new feature enables customers to replace failed disks without having to schedule an onsite visit with a Dell Technologies technician to manually remove the disks from your system. Customers are now able to manage failed disks from the ECS user interface anytime.

With the release of the ECS 3.5 family, customers have a new opportunity to update their systems to newer versions, like 3.5.1.x. or 3.6.x. By upgrading to a more current version of ECS, you can gain more stability, greater protection of your system from security threats, and benefit from automatic resolution of previously known technical issues.

For more information about ECS, please see our ECS Technical White Papers and Videos to learn more. To request an upgrade of your ECS environment, please contact us on our Online Support Site.

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