ECN Upgrades Jive Platform to Improve User Experience

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Greetings and welcome to the first of what I hope are many communications with you on topics relating to our support community and its ongoing evolution. As my goals are to provide you with a regular series of updates on our support community, I also want this to be a two way communication vehicle with you. To get your thoughts, feedback, opinions and ideas on what you like and don’t like about our support community, your support community.

Tell us how we can better serve you, and make this a better experience for you and to share that out with the entire support community family.

We’ve created some excellent quick start videos here.


As you are aware, we have just upgraded both our ECN design layout and its underlying platform application. With this upgrade, we have brought more flexibility in the way you can interact with us, our products, and industries we participate in. For example, you can now view communities on ECN by category, platform, or industry.  Within the support community, you likewise have the option to choose a support forum by category, or product.

Another very cool feature of this upgrade is the ability to create, and modify activity streams that are specific to your needs. For example, you can create activity streams for products you are interested in and follow that product support forum in your customized stream, along with discussion threads, or people. In my case, I created a personal contacts stream for folks that I follow and if they likewise follow me, we can exchange private messages.

An FAQ to our upgrade can be found here.

We also created some great Help guides that can be found here.

The great benefit of this activity streams feature besides being so flexible is that the content comes to your stream, rather than you having to go to various places to see that content. You can have it all in one customized personal stream.

As we all become more comfortable with this new upgrade, I hope to bring more tips and information to you, to keep you abreast of all the great things we’re working on for you.

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