Easy or custom, Dell has the right approach to VDI

After some initial skepticism and reservations about security, IT professionals are taking another look at cloud computing solutions. Recognizing that the benefits make sense and the risks can be mitigated, informed professionals are recommending private cloud and hybrid cloud architectures to their CIOs for many reasons:

  • to better safeguard data in a central location
  • to facilitate disaster recovery programs
  • to ensure uptime and reliability
  • to launch BYOD initiatives

The right cloud solution allows users to be more productive and to leverage their smart devices safely. (They’ve been using their own devices in the workplace — without the right backend safeguards in place — for many years already, and the right solution acknowledges this reality and puts those safeguards in place.)

Hybrid cloud models are going a long way toward encouraging users to stop uploading their work and company data to personal cloud-based storage services and to access assignments from sanctioned cloud providers. Rather than worry that data stored in a centralized location might be hacked or accessed by unauthorized third parties, IT professionals and CIOs are embracing real-time, thorough encryption for all corporate data using services such as Dell Data Protection and Encryption (DDPE).

But a cloud architecture is only as secure as its weakest link. Investing in centralized data center solutions without replacing traditional, legacy PCs with thin or zero clients can leave an enterprise network open to malware, data breaches or bad actors. You need a cloud client-computing solution with an edge. Fortunately cloud client-computing solutions aren’t just for huge enterprises any more. Smaller firms with as few as 100 employees can take advantage of the technology without having to invest in a significant rip-and-replace. You don’t have to outsource your data to a third-party cloud provider. All of your data and computing infrastructure can remain on-site with our newest solutions.

Desktop virtualization provides the right solution for enabling this flexibility so you can take your employees and your business to new heights. With Dell cloud client-computing, you can support a vast array of clients, enable user mobility and improve efficiency as well as your bottom line, all with complete confidence that your data is secure.

Whether you want to build your own custom solution or let Dell experts do it for you, only Dell offers end-to-end solutions with cloud and client options and software designed to work together so you can transform your data center and empower your workforce. Virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) is simpler than ever to plan, deploy, scale and run on any budget. And custom VDI solutions help you integrate reliable data center components, endpoints and desktop virtualization software from our partners Citrix, Microsoft, VMware or Wyse vWorkspace. Add to that award-winning Wyse Zero Clients, Wyse Thin Clients and Wyse Management Software and you have an end-to-end solution that suits any budget, application or performance requirements.

Integrate a higher level of security, flexibility and manageability into your infrastructure, on your terms with Dell cloud client-computing. See how customers are benefiting from Dell cloud client-computing solutions in this brief video

About the Author: Janet Diaz