The DPArmy live from “Redefine Possible” in London

So the Doctor landed in the Old Billingsgate Market, in London on Tuesday to help EMC reveal a number of product announcements. Possibly for most, the main news of the day was the announcement that the existing high end storage array VMAX would be replaced with VMAX3. This updated array also included an updated and rebranded version of the operating system called HYPERMAX OS.


This OS powered by a large increase in CPU’s will offer the ability to run a huge number of data services. One of which is an updated option for Data Protection.

ProtectPoint offers the ability for the storage admin to use Data Domain directly attached to the VMAX to store snapshots. Data Domain then in turn turns these in full native deduplicated backups for longer term retention. It’s a major step forward for truly integrated backups for our storage customers.

Why not take 2 mins to listen to our Data Protection CTO Stephen Manley talk about a couple of the main benefits.

About the Author: Mark Galpin