Double Digits with Dell|EMC

If you're like me and think March
Madness is just about the best time of the year, then you've probably been
excitedly watching those double digit seeds win or take the big names to the
wire.  What's that have to do with
storage you ask – other than all the disk space those videos, blog posts,
emails, brackets, photos and tournament forecasting models take up of
course?  Well, with our announcement
of new Enterprise solutions, it got me to thinking about
double digits in another way – as in all the ones in the Dell and EMC

  • "12" – With the addition of the
    Dell|EMC DD
    backup to disk
    with deduplication
    solutions and
    the NS Series unified storage arrays, we're now at 12 different products across
    5 different product lines that form the Dell|EMC portfolio.
  • "10" – We're at almost 10 years of
    working together to solve customer problems by delivering leading storage
    solutions, having started this relationship in 2001.
  • "13" – The relationship was
    extended most recently all the way to 2013.
  • "60" – As in 60,000, which is the
    number of Dell|EMC arrays installed
    around the world.

But the most important one of all
is "24."  That's 24 with three zeros
after it, 24,000, the number of Dell|EMC customers since 2001 who have realized
the value of the partnership.  We are
energized about expanding this relationship yet again so that we can continue
to help customers address their pains around data growth and management.  If you want to learn more about what we are
doing to help organizations like yours more intelligently manage your data and
turn that data into an asset, instead of a burden, check our Jennifer's
on our announcement around data management and visit our data management sitelet for
information and updates as we continue to add more solutions.  We are excited to continue partnering with
EMC to develop and provide leading technology solutions that are delivered with
our customers' needs in mind, all from one source, Dell, and I'll keep you
posted as we add more "double digits" well past March.

About the Author: Greg White