Don’t Drown in the Data Lake

EMC Offers Data Lake Protection Solutions to Keep You Afloat

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There is a lot of talk going on in IT around Big Data, data lakes, data ponds, and even data puddles.  These are still new concepts to many, so what does it all really mean to your business?  Traditionally, most data has been neatly structured and living comfortably within the enterprise.  But then the world went digital leading to all kinds of new unstructured data types popping up both within the enterprise and outside on the Internet, and thus Big Data was born. Big Data can be characterized by the 3 V’s – it is growing at high Volumes, generated at high Velocities, and includes both structured and unstructured data Varieties.

By creating a data lake, which can accommodate all data types and ingest mechanisms, and provide a standard analytic platform, businesses will become well positioned to harness the power that all of this varied and complex data holds. However, without the proper data protection strategy in place, all of that value could be lost.  Data protection is a key component of any data lake in order to achieve higher degrees of businesses value and operational efficiency and ensure data is recoverable when you need it.

Let me walk you through how EMC is uniquely positioned to address the 3 V’s and deliver enterprise-grade data protection solutions for your data lake that will keep you afloat:

The EMC Business Data Lake Protection solution offers the flexibility and scale needed to keep pace with explosive data growth.  EMC Data Domain delivers highly scalable protection storage and high-speed, variable-length deduplication reduces storage requirements by 10 to 30x.  So, the large volume associated with Big Data is able to be protected within a significantly smaller footprint.

Using EMC’s solution, Hadoop and IT administrators are able to protect and manage their data lake using native tools such as DistCP or by leveraging Isilon snapshots using EMC Data Protection Suite (DPS).  The Networker Snapshot Management feature of DPS enables snapshots to be efficiently replicated and then provide simple rollover to protection storage. The industry-leading performance of Data Domain protection storage ensures that data is protected quickly and with the addition of DD Boost software results in 50% faster backups.

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Finally, EMC Business Data Lake Protection Solutions are optimized to manage and protect data from disparate sources and across multiple protocols all on a single platform.  One of the key differentiators of Data Domain systems is that all of these data sources and a variety of use cases can be protected on a single system.

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Not only do EMC’s data protection technologies successfully deliver the scalability, speed, and agility needed to handle Big Data workloads, they are also the most reliable in the industry, ensuring data is recoverable.  So you can rest assured you have the life preserver you need to keep from drowning in your data lake.

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About the Author: Alyson Langon

Alyson Langon has 9+ years of IT industry experience in Product Marketing at Dell Technologies. She earned a Bachelor’s Degree from American University and has an MBA from Boston College.  Alyson currently leads the team responsible for developing messaging and driving marketing strategy for Dell’s Infrastructure as-a-Service offers.