Doing More with Less with Dell EMC PowerProtect Cloud Snapshot Manager (CSM)

Worldwide public cloud services spending will more than double by 2023, according to IDC. Increasingly, workloads that are critical to businesses live in the public cloud. And now more than ever, that cloud-based data is at risk. Some may believe that on-premises data protection will suffice, but for those of you who have workloads in the public cloud, protection is critical.

According to the Global Data Protection Index findings from March 2020, 63 percent of IT decision makers said that their organization does not have a separate contract with its cloud service providers for protection of all workloads. That leaves 37 percent of organizations protecting their own cloud workloads, which is a sizable gap. And as data continues to grow that gap will only widen unless organizations prioritize the protection of this growing data.

As our organizations adapt and become increasingly agile, Dell Technologies is doing the same to support organizations during their time of need. Data protection is top of mind, especially for those with data and workloads spread across multiple locations and cloud environments. “The worldwide public cloud services market is forecast to grow 17 percent in 2020 to total $266.4 billion, up from $227.8 billion in 2019,” according to Gartner, Inc. With that total growing for years to come, organizations need to be able to handle this massive data growth. As businesses’ daily operations become more dependent on cloud services, ransomware authors and cyber attackers see an opportunity. They are targeting the public cloud, as they know more critical data is now living in the cloud. How are IT decision makers supposed to keep all of their business data safe in this ever-changing world?

To support increased demand from organizations, Dell EMC PowerProtect Cloud Snapshot Manager now supports incremental snapshot capabilities within Microsoft Azure. Leveraging the underlying Azure infrastructure without requiring installation or in-cloud infrastructure, customers can discover, orchestrate and automate the protection of workloads across Azure with tag-based policies. This allows organizations to reduce backup times and have immediate access to their data through the snapshot technology.

Many industries have started to lean on increasingly large volumes of data and analytics to make critical business decisions that will impact their future landscape. To drive their business into the future, it’s critical for organizations to have a plan in place to support this influx of information. With more data living in a variety of environments it’s just as important to protect that data as it is to store it.

Many CTOs are looking at their go-to IT decision maker(s) to learn how they can reduce costs while still maintaining and protecting their data. Essentially, these individuals are being asked to do more with less. In this climate that is a very difficult ask.

Azure incremental snapshots provide cost-effective point-in-time backup of managed disks. The first snapshot is a full copy of the managed disks. After that, only incremental changes are copied in subsequent snapshots, making data protection very efficient, fast and cost-effective.

This is one of the many solutions from the Dell EMC Data Protection portfolio that are available to bring protection certainty to your in-cloud workloads, instances and VMs. Dell Technologies is on the front line of driving human progress. Right now that means ensuring our customers’ data is protected. PowerProtect Cloud Snapshot Manager is helping us do that by helping our customers protect data that is in Azure. The latest enhancement around incremental snapshots will allow IT decision makers to enhance their in-cloud protection without coming out of pocket significantly.

CSM is enabling customers to do more with less, transform and relocate resources to drive business a competitive advantage. You can sleep soundly at night knowing your data in the public cloud is protected.

Learn more about PowerProtect Cloud Snapshot Manager here.

About the Author: Toussaint Brock

Toussaint Brock is a Chicago native, born and raised in the inner city he grew up with a passion for technology and how it would soon impact human progress in his community and the world. Now Toussaint is a Product Marketing Manager within the Data Protection division at Dell EMC and is responsible for RecoverPoint for Virtual Machines. Prior sales experience further enables his ability to translate feature and functionality to business value and monetary impact. He owns the messaging, marketing, and sales enablement tools that are associated with this product. His experience in the consumer, e-commerce, and technology space allows him to provide unique perspective to every project he takes on. When off work - he is a fitness fanatic, basketball enthusiast, and loves to travel.