Does future readiness matter? IDC Future Ready Index says yes

How future ready is your organization? Are your IT resources over extended?” Does your IT department spend all of its time putting out fires? Perhaps your enterprise is somewhere between the two. The IDC Future Ready Index examined just how great an impact future readiness has on an enterprise’s ability to compete. The disparity between the most future-ready companies, called Future Creators, and others surveyed was significant.

Future Creators almost doubled their increase in revenue over the past three years — at 37 percent — compared to the least future ready companies, according to the IDC White Paper.  Future Creators also nearly doubled employee productivity gains, at 39 percent, while the least future-ready companies called Current Focused, increased productivity gains by just 20 percent.

The future-readiness journey

The Daqo Group understood that future-ready solutions can improve IT results.  The China-based electrical equipment manufacturer realized a 100-200 percent increase in data speeds when the company incorporated Dell Flash Storage into cloud, big data and analytics and desktop virtualization solutions.

The Daqo Group is just one example. IPServerOne, JTG Racing and Fujian University have all started their future-readiness journey. Regardless of whether your organization is among the top 18 percent identified by IDC as Future Creators, your business can achieve similar benefits by moving up the future-readiness scale. 

In fact, the most important finding from IDC’s study is that future readiness is a continuum.  Regardless of where you are on the journey, you can focus on the technologies that address your most pressing needs by adopting future-ready solutions incrementally.  Future-minded organizational practices such as these help you manage costs, create more scalable infrastructure and prepare for future challenges, according to IDC.  Other key areas defined in the study include the use of converged infrastructure, cloud, big data and analytics solutions.

Ready to take action?

See how future-ready IT drives business results today. To download the IDC study white paper, access an online tool to assess your own future-readiness and plan your next steps, visit our Future Ready Index page.

Source: IDC customer research sponsored by Dell, “The Future-Ready Enterprise: Driving Business Results Today While Preparing for the Challenges of Tomorrow”, October 2015. 

About the Author: Scott Horst