Digital Transformation Just Got Easier with Analytic Insights

Big data analytics powers new possibilities for businesses of all kinds, which is why Dell EMC is announcing the Analytic Insights Module.  We’re helping customers break down the barriers they often experience between the business and IT to help both sides work better together, while providing the tools needed to achieve business outcomes faster and more efficiently.

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By combining self-service data analytics with cloud-native application development, insights surfaced by data analytics teams can be shared with application developers for monetizing intelligent, data-driven applications.

Gather More Data with Deep Awareness, Security and Governance

The Analytic Insights Module goes beyond basic Hadoop appliances in terms of data analytics and the user experience.  The unique Data Curator, Data Governor and Data and Analytics Catalog build on the value of the integrated Data Lake by providing a single view of ALL discovered, indexed and curated data sets.  This includes structured, unstructured, and streaming data both within the Data Lake and selected external sources, which helps   organizations recoup up to 80% of the time they previously spent finding, wrangling and cleansing the data before analysis could even begin. The Data Curator enables the access to more data for analytics with its powerful data discovery capabilities that capture operational, technical and business metadata upon ingestion.  We’ve designed the indexing capabilities to profile, identify, enrich and unify data across the enterprise. The Data Governor addresses a big customer challenge and delivers end-to-end data-centric security and visibility, traceability and availability of data, tracking the lineage of where data moves, who accessed it and when – for complete and trusted visibility.  IT teams are able to ensure corporate governance by defining fine grain data centric security which identifies precise data access for employees and not one byte more than what’s needed to do their work.


Analyze Data via Self-Service to Reveal Actionable Insights Faster

Everyone wins!  Data analytics teams can get to work in minutes with an on-demand, self-service experience – all within security and resource quotas defined by IT to ensure there’s no disruption to the enterprise infrastructure. With the freedom to stand up independent workspaces, access their tools of choice and ingest data sets based on authorization polices; data analytics teams can focus on rapidly generating actionable insights with high business value.


Data analytics is a team sport, which is why collaboration is an essential element to achieving successful business outcomes.  Data analytics teams can securely share and reuse published data sets in the Data and Analytics Catalog across the organization for identifying opportunities for new business processes and applications.  This saves the expense of time typically spent finding, assessing, blending and wrangling data.  The value of trusted data increases the more it’s used across the organization.

Act on Data Insights to Monetize on the Business Opportunity

By combining data analytics with application development into a single hybrid cloud platform, Analytic Insights Module provides organizations the ultimate environment for transforming actionable insights into new processes, disruptive business models and enhanced customer experiences.   Data analytics teams can easily collaborate with application developers for operationalizing new insights into data driven applications of all kinds – customer facing, dashboards and reports as well as embedded systems.  Native Hybrid Cloud’s “it just works” experience bridges the gap between application developers and IT operators, letting developers do what they do best, write code.


Insight driven applications generate more data which can be integrated back into analytics processes to provide even greater insights.  Keeping data, analytics and applications together, gives organizations a competitive advantage because it sets the stage for a continuous, virtuous cycle.  The faster organizations can move through this cycle, the greater their advantage.

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About the Author: Berna Devrim