Desktop Virtualization and Cloud Client Computing by Design – Designed by You, Delivered by Dell

Dell announced today its latest enhanced cloud client computing and desktop virtualization solutions offerings, covering a broad spectrum of use cases and deployments. Whether your organization is small, medium, or part of a large enterprise Dell’s new offerings have been designed with real-world implementations in mind and engineered with direct input from customers who are ready to do more with their IT infrastructure, enable their mobile workforces, and move forward with BYOD (“bring your own device”) programs. 

Often, the most satisfying part of solving a puzzle is putting the last few pieces into place to complete a vivid picture. Dell has done just that by assembling all the elements needed to provide you with a powerful end-to-end cloud client computing solution. These pieces include (1) New Dell Wyse zero clients with increased PCoIP performance; (2) new Dell EqualLogic storage arrays with VMware integration to support effective data management for VDI; and (3) new Desktop Virtualization Solutions (DVS) reference architectures designed and optimized for VMware View.

Dell powers the productive enterprise by enabling modern workflows

Today’s tech-savvy end users are eager to incorporate their favorite personal devices into their work lives to streamline their productivity, enable flexible work schedules, and increase their overall output. The companies they work for are eager to accommodate them as long as IT can safeguard important company data and retain control of the flow of information to and from the latest consumer devices. Dell enables the convergence of these two trends by supplying the computing infrastructures to allow the increasing acceptance of BYOD policies in enterprise environments. Dell has achieved this by providing industry-leading technology at every step along the enterprise data and user productivity chain, adding Dell-Wyse thin client and zero client devices to maximize flexibility and enable full access on a work schedule increasingly established by end users.

Dell Wyse makes the most of VMware technology

Dell is making great strides in desktop virtualization and cloud client computing by alleviating the pain points that end users and IT departments have been wrestling with. With the inclusion of the newest members of the Dell Wyse P class family of PCoIP zero clients optimized for VMware, users can maximize their output and work flow while IT retains control over data and devices.

The newest pieces of the puzzle Dell has assembled for a clearer picture of VDI capabilities include:

  • vStart for VDI Reference Architecture – VMware View: Running as a workload on top of the Dell vStart stack, this reference architecture offers the security, scalability and management capabilities of Dell’s DVS Enterprise solution plus one more level of simplification in deployment.
  • New Dell EqualLogic storage arrays and VMware integration supports for effective data management for VDI.
  • New Dell Reference Architectures designed and optimized for VMware View – Dell Mobile Clinical Computing with VMware AlwaysOn Point of Care.

Dell is helping its customers make the most of the consumerization wave while still safeguarding customers’ critical data, with a full suite of desktop virtualization options and enterprise-class hardware and software. With Dell, you get a fully-formed picture that is clear and easy to identify even more so when you take part in the design.

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