Design the Ideal Data Center

In the 2002 movie, Minority Report, Police Chief John Anderton, played by Tom Cruise, manipulates data and images on massive computer screens to prevent crimes before they happen in the "pre-crime" department. Pretty cool concept and compelling visuals. 

Imagine if you could enter a virtual data center and manipulate 3D images to create the most power-efficient, cost effective data center for your business. Now you can do it, and its

Data Center image

not science fiction with an interactive Web experience. Enter the Intel Dell Data Center 360 Tour– a new website from Dell and Intel that let's you walk through various ways to get more out of your data center. 

Recently there has been expansive growth in data centers to keep pace with the need for data management and the demands of an ever-more connected workforce. With this growth comes the increased need for electricity and space, which pose environmental, energy and economic challenges that IT must solve within the data center environment. Optimizing the data center forces a business's IT department to make important decisions about which technology they wish to deploy in their data centers. As a result of these new business problems, now – more than ever – IT has been charged with maximizing the value of the most expensive real estate in their corporation: their data center.

Take a virtual walk through our new website to learn ways to address the most pressing topics: power and cooling, virtualization, server strategy, new and emerging technologies, and data center management. The virtual tour not only lets you explore the data center, but to take a deep-dive into its components and gain a full understanding of how they function within the larger system. We've included tools like ROI and energy calculators, white papers and online resources to help you plan the ideal data center.

There’s a lot to learn from taking a quick tour of the data center. Be like Tom Cruise and solve the problems before they exist.

About the Author: Matt McGinnis