Deploying the Federation Enterprise Hybrid Cloud Fast Was Only The Beginning…

hybrid cloud 28     What sets our fully engineered solution apart from the rest is our 28-day deployment. In just about a month you can go from start to finish delivering Infrastructure as-a-Service that supports both traditional and next generation applications. All of this will be managed through one single pane of glass. But you already knew that… so what is next?

Similar to how end users can deploy and edit virtual machines in a matter of minutes, we learned that customers also wanted to deploy complex applications just as quickly. Picture a multitier application with numerous dependencies. How long does that typically take you to deploy? Using our self-service portal deployments and adjustments are made on demand on an as needed basis. A long, usually error prone process has been trimmed down to mere minutes.

As time passes, change is inevitable and iterations need to be made. Who else knows the specifications and requirements better than the application owner? So let’s put the power in their hands. We’re taking the same simple process of deploying a virtual machine and applying it to something much more complicated. Users can adjust each tier’s storage SLA, CPUs and backup policies depending on what is needed for each tier of the app. Once again, the IT department never needs to get involved accelerating the process that much further.

hybrid cloud innovation

IT can build blueprints that show each piece of the application and what it’s made of. Those blueprints can be easily adjusted as the app’s requirements evolve. Rapid, repeatable changes can be made in just a few clicks, which automatically enforces consistency across applications in the entire environment. Federation Enterprise Hybrid Cloud eliminates that slow, manual, error prone provisioning process you remember. Now, less time can be spent fighting fires, and more time can be put into innovation and moving the business forwards. Code never has to be rewritten; nothing needs to be installed over again. You’re now free to innovate!

If you want to see how simple this really is, check out the video below and we’ll walk you though it. Or, to try it out for yourself, visit!

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About the Author: Cindy O'Brien

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