Dell + Wyse + Citrix partnering to bring one great end to end desktop virtualization solution

Dell, Wyse and Citrix are trendsetters in the desktop virtualization marketplace with a proven track record of delivering on products that meet customers evolving needs. Today we are pleased to announce that we have partnered to bring together two reference architectures that combine Dell’s commitment to desktop virtualization with the DVS Simplified and DVS Enterprise solution offerings. Wyse’s more than three decades of cloud client expertise along with Citrix’s desktop virtualization prowess in the marketplace.

You will see in these reference architectures that with the pairings from these three companies we have created an end-to-end solution that will meet your desktop virtualizations needs.

Let’s begin.

Dell’s DVS Simplified appliance partnered with Wyse’s T10 Thin Client

Dell’s DVS Simplified Appliance utilizes Citrix VDI-in-a-Box VDI software to give you the ability to quickly deploy a desktop virtualization solution with a simplified management experience. This simplified wizard based management allows IT generalist to manage virtual machines where historically IT specialist or a team of consultants were needed. As you can imagine this key benefit can drastically drive down your IT workforce cost. These desktop virtualization benefits are further enhanced by the Wyse T10 thin client which gives you an unparalleled user experience brought to you by Wyse ThinOS.

The Wyse T10 thin client delivers a superb user experience and security features while still meeting your budget demands. It has been fully tested and validated with Citrix VDI-in-a-Box and is Citrix Ready certified. What does this mean for you? It means you can be insured that the combination of Dell’s DVS Simplified appliance, with Citrix VDI-in-a-Box and the Wyse T10 thin client are the perfect marriage if you are a small or medium sized business looking for a solution that is fast and easy to deploy that simplifies the management experience of desktop virtualization.

Some of the other great features and benefits that are in this reference architecture are:

  • DVS Simplified Appliance integrates factory installed software on pre-configured hardware
  • Citrix VDI-in-Box wizard-based setup and implementation cuts deployment time from quarters/months to weeks/days
  • The desktop virtualization management console centralizes IT control and requires no special expertise
  • Wyse’s ThinOS 7.1 allows you to boot and be logged into your secured network within seconds.
  • Wyse’s T10 built-in hardware media processor delivers smooth multimedia, bi-directional audio and flash playback performance
  • Both the Wyse T10 and DVS Simplified appliance have been fully Citrix Ready certified and support HDX technology. HDX technology delivers a “high definition” desktop virtualization user experience to end users for any application, device or network

You can download the DVS Simplified reference architecture here.

Dell’s DVS Enterprise offering with Wyse’s T10 Thin Client and Xenith Pro Zero Client

Dell’s DVS Enterprise offering gives you the maximum feature set, device integration and flexibility for desktop virtualization. DVS Enterprise is a solution that scales from 50 users to 50,000 users. Not only does it feature scalability options typically not seen in desktop virtualization offerings, it also features best in class hardware. Dell’s new 12G servers have dramatically reduced the cost per user. You can see up to 50% more users per server than the previous Dell DVS Enterprise solution. What makes this reference architecture more complete than ever is the combination of Wyse’s T10 Thin Client and Xenith Pro Zero Client which are both Citrix Ready certified. These two clients are the perfect complement for DVS Enterprise because they streamline the delivery of the Citrix infrastructure, are Citrix Ready certified and deliver exceptional performance utilizing Citrix HDX technology. The Xenith Pro is up to three times faster than competing devices which allows users to get an unparalleled multimedia experience without putting an unnecessary load on your servers. Some other features that you will see in the reference architecture are:

  • Wyse’s Xenith Pro powers on in just 6 seconds and goes from standby to on in 2 seconds
  • The Xenith Pro draws less than 14 watts of power in full operation
  • Plug-n-play operation with auto-discovery and zero configuration and hands off client management
  • Dell’s DVS Enterprise is readily expandable from a pilot to a large deployment
  • DVS Enterprise offers solution services to meet the exact needs of the enterprise. From on-site deployment and break fix services to training services.

You can download the DVS Enterprise reference architecture for this solution here.

As you probably guessed we are extremely excited to bring you two reference architectures that leverage three companies that are leaders in the desktop virtualization marketplace. With these two reference architectures Dell, Wyse and Citrix have partnered to bring customers a solution that is tailored for their needs.

Remember, for small and medium sized customers that want to enjoy the benefits of desktop virtualization, DVS Simplified with Citrix VDI-in-a-Box paired with the Wyse T10 is the right solution. And for large enterprise customers who need flexibility and scalability, DVS Enterprise with Citrix XenDesktop paired with the Wyse T10 thin client and Xenith Pro Zero Client, is likely the solution for robust demands.

If you want to take the first step into the realm of desktop virtualization, I suggest you check out the reference architectures or learn more at

About the Author: Janet Diaz