Dell World 2012 is all about the use case and human interaction solving business problems, period.

Trade shows are self-serving.   Yeah, I said it.  I’ve attended and staffed IT trade shows for over 11 years and so many times the vendors’ presentations and demos are about the importance of their product vs. trying to solve a problem.  The message always seems to be, “We’re excited to demo our new ___ with the latest feature X that will enable you to _____ better.”  If I spoke to my friends like this I would get punched in the face.  In fact, I might punch myself in the face for saying it.  Companies’ messages, trade shows included, should be less marketing driven and more around human conversations.  Dell World 2012 is forcing challenging Dell employees to rethink demos and presentations in terms of our customer’s challenges.  The five content tenets are themed around the five forces disrupting businesses today.  These include:

  • Accelerate adoption from virtualization to convergence to cloud
  • Embrace Consumerization “BYOD…and beyond” (in the voice of Buzz Light-year)
  • Harness the power of social networking
  • Turn data into insights
  • Overcome the emerging security threat

My area of focus is the Embrace Consumerization “BYOD…and beyond” tenet, specifically, Dell’s cloud client computing family of products.  This is a fancy way of saying desktop virtualization hardware, software, and services solutions.  Desktop virtualization marketing messages are some of the worst feature spewing offenders.  Messaging typically identifies trends (i.e. BYOD, consumerization of IT) then jumps right to our solution choices.  It completely skips drawing the line from pain-point to what is the right solution for the customer. 

The good news is that there are Dell customers who have had success with Desktop virtualization and are extremely happy with the benefits.  The key to success is identifying the right use case that could benefit from desktop virtualization the most.  The cloud client computing team has taken great pains to have human conversation around desktop virtualization.

This year our demos focus on successful customer use cases that work.  The presentation for our executive track titled, “Any Application, Any User, Any Device,” is a quick overview of Dell’s cloud client computing point of view, followed by mostly a peer discussion around challenges and successes.  The presentation for our IT Professionals titled, “Taking Desktop Virtualization from Pilot to Production,” is presented by Dell education, government, and enterprise customers. 

In the cloud client IT professional track find out how the Western Wayne School District was able to move IT resources from break fix to strategic and saved $70,000 in capital expenditures and approximately $15,000 in Microsoft licensing.  Learn about how Jewelry TV’s revenue generating call center, love Multimedia, streamed directly to their thin client and nearly had zero failures in four years. Understand why Hamilton County’s first VDI attempt failed and how they turned it around to have zero issues with applications, personalization, performance, or printing.  See how University of Connecticut provides anytime, anywhere access for students, faculty, and staff, can deploy software in hours, and saved $318,000 in desktop capital expenses in desktop refreshes. 

In the expo cloud client computing demo themes include:

  • Any Application, User, and Device – Delivering an optimal user experience for accessing the cloud, based on a user-centric view. 
  • Desktop Virtualization Challenge – Compare performance of virtual machines (local data center as well as our Dell hosted cloud from Kentucky to Texas) models versus a physical desktop.
  • Vertical Specific Designed Solutions (Education, Healthcare, and Government) – Deliver a full feature desktop with greater cost efficiency, reliability, manageability and security.
  • Dell Remote 3D graphics – Virtualizing High Performance Desktops
  • Optimize Virtual Desktops Delivery – Reduce storage needs for virtual desktops and virtualize legacy applications
  • Virtual and Physical Desktop Management – Simple, secure client infrastructure management from the cloud

In talking to customers, a lot of the upfront conversation is negating the misconceptions that every user should be virtualized, one size fits all, or that desktop virtualization equals server virtualization in terms of ubiquity or ease to deploy.  Many DIY customers we talk to have pilots that were abandoned because they went beyond the six month timeframe allotted to get the project up and running.

The goal of Dell World 2012 is to have human conversation about things that solve business problems.  Specifically, cloud client computing will have demos and presentations that demonstrate use cases that work with Dell customers that have had success instead of just theory and nebulous features. You may have already seen some Dell World-related posts, but if you want to see all Dell World-related content over the next several days, check out Dell World 2012 blog posts here.   

Dell World 2012

December 11-13 | Austin, TX

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