Dell Technologies Services Helps Major Health Partners Reinvigorate Their Microsoft Office 365 Investment

Mike Shea, Dell Technologies Services, shares feedback from Major Health Partner after their engagement to help the healthcare provider reinvigorate their Office 365 investment.

About nine months ago, I led the delivery effort to help MHP bring care team collaboration to their employees leveraging their Office 365 investment, specifically re-design OneDrive for Business, implement Teams, and completely modernize their intranet using SharePoint Online. Prior to their work with Dell Technologies, they had previously invested in Office 365, but were only seeing limited success. Their problem was a common one. They weren’t seeing the return on investment primarily because it was being used solely for email and not to its full potential. They hadn’t yet embraced the rich collaboration, filesharing and engagement applications to empower their care teams.

They engaged Dell Technologies Consulting Services to help them turn that around and provide their team a modern collaboration platform so they can deliver optimal care.

Read their full story here. Or watch the video.

Value Realized

I like to follow-up with my customers after an engagement and was thrilled to hear of the value Major Health Partners is realizing from their Office 365 investment based on our re-design of OneDrive for all personal file management, rollout of Teams for collaboration and meetings, and a new SharePoint Online intranet. I worked closely with Lauri Shannon, director of Business Technology at Major Health Partners, on this project. Recently Lauri communicated that their new technology is serving them well, helping them achieve the ROI they wanted and more importantly making a difference with their staff.  Below is some of the feedback Lauri’s shared.

“Our Connect intranet, the News webpart now serves as the main communication from MHP Incident Command to the rank and file.  All COVID-19 documents reside on this site and not in email, which was a primary goal of our initiative. It allows our doctors and staff to review and download when needed. The SharePoint app has also been loaded on most mobile phones – and it looks and functions well.”

“Our inpatient leadership is now using Teams for their post-round huddles.  This multi-disciplinary group typically met in person however are now meeting virtually to mitigate the spread of infection. Teams is allowing our medical staff to share notes and communicate patient needs without being together in one room.”

Have you realized the full potential of your Office 365 investment?

If you have, great! If not, Dell Technologies can help. In addition to providing customers with end-to-end services for the Microsoft Office 365 ecosystem, including Microsoft Teams, we’re using this technology ourselves. Dell Technologies’ team members worldwide are seamlessly collaborating from home using these exact productivity applications.

If you’d like us to help your organization adopt new ways to collaborate, contact your Dell Technologies representative. If you’d like to learn more about our perspective download our Teams eBook or watch the joint webinar we did with Microsoft on near and long term actions for rolling out Teams. If you prefer, leave a comment here and I’ll be happy to respond.

About the Author: Mike Shea

Mike Shea has been with Consulting Services for over 10 years, primarily focused on Microsoft collaboration services. During this time, Mike has engaged in multiple roles, including project management, business analysis, technical consulting, and pre-sales. Leading projects with organizations of all sizes and industries, Mike is passionate about helping customers achieve their workforce transformation objectives and helping to deliver personalized experiences for end users. He applies his deep knowledge and experience to approach projects from many perspectives and guide a customer engagement through the entire process from envisioning, solution assessment, design, implementation and training. In his free time, Mike enjoys spending time with his family and is an avid sports fan, including continuing to play in both football (flag) and soccer leagues.