Dell T100 and T105: a “starter” server for small and medium businesses

There are a lot of people out there that see a business computer as
just an elaborate version of a consumer computer, especially when it
comes to small businesses. But, when enhancing productivity,
flexibility and security becomes a top priority, small businesses need
something more powerful than just a desktop or laptop – they need a
server to help manage their business.

When newly entering the land of servers, you need to know three things: when to buy a server, what to buy, and what to do with it once it’s purchased. With the launch today of the new T100 and T105 servers Dell and its channel partners are in the perfect position to deliver more business computing with less hassle.


The T100 and T105 are ideal if your business needs to control access
to sensitive data, manage email centrally, have a common storage area
(a file cabinet), and to have at least some centralization of the
computing environment. Also, these servers can be a great help in the
event of a disaster by protecting your data and applications. Is your
small business ready for a server?

About the Author: J. J. Davis