Dell Support Services Tools: Cooler than robots!

Ed. Note: This post was authored by Michelle Garcia, Dell Global Support & Deployment

As I started to pack for Dell Enterprise Forum Frankfurt, where I’ll be promoting our Dell Support Services Tools, I saw a TV commercial about personal robots that made claims such as “grass that waters itself, dishes that wash themselves … let a robot do it for you!” My internal light bulb lit up! We provide Support Tools that are even cooler than robots!   When I think of Germany, I think of cutting-edge, precision engineering (as exemplified in German automobiles). Dell’s Support Services Tools—SupportAssist, TechDirect and Application Program Interfaces (APIs)—were developed with that same devotion to precision and design that is so seamless it is almost invisible. Every time I explain the tools, I see light bulbs switch on as people start to understand the many benefits, including:

  • Increases staff efficiency
  • Helps accelerate time to resolution for issues
  • Keeps systems running at peak performance
  • Minimizes downtime of mission-critical systems

Essentially, customers become confident that Dell has invested in technology that simplifies their life and gives them more time to devote to growing their business.

The Support Tools from Dell do more than a robot can. Does a robot give you proactive warnings about your Dell PowerEdge Server heating up? Will a robot manage all your support cases, help you dispatch enterprise computing parts and host the information in a centralized location? Let our tools do these things for you—SupportAssist, TechDirect, and APIs! They’re easy to initiate and use and available anytime, anywhere. The best part? Dell does the maintenance and upgrades for you!

SupportAssist is our automated proactive technology that monitors your environment and notifies you to quickly resolve any detected issues. If you have ProSupport Plus on the device, you can take advantage of reporting and recommendations to help keep your device healthy. TechDirect, another valuable tool you can incorporate into your support routines, is an easy-to-use portal to manage support cases and dispatch parts. We want you to be able to spend less time on the phone with simple issues by relying on our support tools and services.  We even have fully documented and secure APIs that allow direct help desk integration for our largest customers to submit cases and check case status.

If you will be joining us at Dell Enterprise Forum Frankfurt, I hope you will join us and learn more about our tools as well as our global deployment and support services. Look for us at:

  • Solutions Expo (Global Support & Deployment kiosk)
  • “Transform IT Operations with Invisible Support” hands-on lab where you can learn more about our tools and how to get started using them (Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, 10:00–21:00)
  • Enhance Your Capabilities with Dell Services” session with Tracy Orozco and Mark Allen Miller, which speaks directly to our channel partners (Tuesday, April 15 at 11:50)

Bottom line… as we like to say at Dell, Prevention is the Best Support (check out @jimroth’s blog), and Dell Support Services Tools can proactively protect the health of your IT infrastructure!

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Sarah Vela

About the Author: Sarah Vela

Sarah is the Chief Blog Strategist for Dell Technologies. Born in New York and raised in New England, she has been living and working in the Austin area for over 20 years, but she knows that doesn't make her a true Texan. She joined Dell in the spring of 2011, left briefly for another company, but realized her mistake and returned in November of 2019. Sarah has five kids, two dogs, two cats, and no free time.