Dell Storage for Media & Entertainment to debut at NAB 2014

Ed. note: This post was authored by Chandra Mukhyala, Dell Storage

Storage: The Heart of Video Workflow

Studios and broadcast stations need to think harder than ever about video storage due to the rapid growth in storage needs caused by ever-increasing camera resolution. Recent Hollywood productions created as much as a petabyte of digital content for a single movie, and it’s expected that in the next 10 years a single high end movie can create up to 1000 petabytes of storage. Studios not only have to deal with the demand for increased capacities but also require a high performance and highly reliable storage solution for video recording and playback. Even the lapse of a few frames in video recording or playback can cost irreparable monetary loss. Until recently that kind of high reliability was only possible with purpose-built video storage solutions.  But the demand for greater collaboration of rapidly growing libraries of media is outpacing the capabilities of siloed, purpose-built video storage offerings.

Storage is at the heart of most modern video workflows and video storage requirements are very different from enterprise IT storage. The industry is looking for a highly scalable, highly reliable storage solution tuned for video workloads. Until recently there were few choices in storage offerings to address the above challenges; but that has changed.  

Introducing Dell FluidFS

Dell’s FluidFS storage is a scale-out file storage solution that is highly adaptable and perfectly addresses the unique challenges of the Media & Entertainment industry.  FluidFS was built from the ground up for high performance workloads and linearly scales both in capacity and performance.  Its patented adaptable cache management dynamically adjusts to both small and large file workload requirements.  With Dell’s storage offerings you have a collaborative shared storage solution that grows with you and automatically adapts to your video application performance needs.  

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We’re excited to be presenting this solution at the 2014 National Association of Broadcasters Show this week in Las Vegas. If you’re on the floor, come see us at Booth # SL16014 to get a deep dive on how Dell Storage can radically decrease your TCO by providing a highly flexible storage solution for your video workflows.

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