Dell Storage customers are consistently happier

They say money can’t buy lasting happiness, but Dell seems to be providing precisely that service. Check out the following chart, based on data from the / Storage Magazine Quality Award survey results over the past seven years.

How satisfied are you with your storage provider?

To determine their readers’ answer to this question, Storage Magazine developed a multi-faceted, vendor-neutral survey methodology to poll customers of leading storage providers, using the results to assign each company a “satisfaction rating.” By annually scoring diverse categories including initial product quality, features, reliability, technical support and sales force competence, the Storage Magazine Quality Award has established a trusted industry metric for nearly a decade.

Although vendor rankings have fluctuated from year to year, due in part to changes in survey questions, one-time pricing moves, etc., Dell has demonstrated clear leadership, ranking #1 (or nearly/statistically tied for that honor) on 7 of the last nine occasions! And when you factor out the yearly variations to look at consistency over time, an even clearer picture emerges, providing a useful long-term view of customer satisfaction.

The following chart uses seven years of data to stack-rank surveyed midrange array vendors based on their average overall satisfaction score over a rolling 3-year time period.

Storage Magazine Quality Awards – Midrange Arrays: Overall Vendor Satisfaction
Stack-ranked by 3-year rolling average score


Although other vendors understandably tout spikes for individual years, Dell has achieved the highest average rating for the past 5 years!  Why is this important? Because when it comes to happiness (for you, your users…or your boss), we think it's best to be predictably, consistently happy.

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* Note for the earliest years on this chart, Dell’s score includes the average of its eventual acquisitions, Compellent and EqualLogic. Recent years reflect a unified score with Compellent/ EqualLogic products under their current Dell brand.

About the Author: Marty Holmes