Dell solutions spotlight: Mobile clinical computing

There are a lot of miles on the term desktop virtualization. But Solutions Specialist Michael Ames frames it in terms of real-world use in the video “Dell Mobile Clinical Computing: Data Security, Clinical Efficiency and IT Productivity.”

The hospital example in the video highlights three key aspects of mobile clinical computing

  • Clinical Efficiency
  • Data Security
  • IT Productivity

Some of the benefits of mobile clinical computing’s use of desktop virtualization were:

  • Ease in creating multiple access points for desktops
  • Helping medical personnel recover time over course of a shift with fast logons
  • Having most-used screens at the ready
  • Access to roaming desktops
  • Greater security through protected data centers, and fast, yet multi-level authentication quick replacement of end-point devices
  • Rapid ability to add users and applications.

Ames summed up the spirit of Dell mobile clinical computing solution by saying: “At the end of the day, we want to have an impact on how health care is delivered to patients. We want to minimize errors and increase the quality of healthcare for all users.”

If you haven’t seen the video, it’s well worth a look. The video’s example is specific to healthcare, but there are take-away points that translate across industries too.

About the Author: Nicole Smith