Dell’s Wild Ride at EMC World 2010 – Wrap Up


Well, we’re all back home safely … after our 10.5 hour trip from Boston, that is.  I don’t know what’s more fun, getting sick while you’re away from home or getting in at 11pm on a school night.  This year’s EMC World 2010 was not for the weary, but I can say it was totally worth the trip.

For those of you who couldn’t make it, I hope you’ve been following the action from days one and two.  I realized around day three that we hadn’t shown you much about the equipment at Dell’s exhibition booth, so I asked our good buddy Brian Whitaker to walk you through some storage we had on site.  He’s a natural, people:

whole booth

Some of my new friends have already covered some great aspects of the show in their own words, like Foskett who wonders if the Private Cloud message really came through to attendees and Beth Pariseau’s Reporter’s Notebook which provided the most comprehensive wrap up I’ve seen so far.  I got into a good conversation with Stu Miniman (blogger who happens to work at EMC) about whether or not individuals can objectively blog when they do so on behalf of a large corporation/employer.

Think they’ll invite me back next year?  It’s in Vegas, after all!!

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