Dell’s Perspective on VMware’s Horizon Suite Announcement

VMware recently announced its Horizon Suite, which includes updates to VMware Horizon View and VMware Horizon Mirage, as well as a new product, VMware Horizon Workspace and integrates them into a platform to improve management, security and control of virtual desktops. We at Dell are thrilled with this announcement and support VMware in their journey to innovate and further evolve the desktop virtualization experience. The new single, unified platform for end-user computing includes:

  • VMware Horizon View 5.2 is an evolution in virtualization technology that combines the flexibility of HTML5 browser with user experience improvements including touch and delivers modern desktops to end-users across a variety of network conditions. One of the most relevant aspects of VMware Horizon View 5.2 is the support of hardware-acceleration 3D graphics which broadens the spectrum of use cases.
  • VMware Horizon Mirage 4 combines the management of physical and virtual desktops via layering technology with the benefits of offline support and app management using ThinApp applications packaging technology.
  • And finally, VMware Horizon Workspace brings it all together by aggregating all the Horizon elements in to a consolidated suite allowing for highly efficient resource allocation of data, applications and desktops in an easy to manage and IT friendly fashion.

Dell Cloud Client Computing is dedicated to helping organizations become more competitive and flexible by delivering the best end-to-end virtual desktop experience to our customers. VMware is a key partner of Dell in fulfilling this objective and we will continue working with VMware to ensure that our mutual customers attain the maximum benefits from their desktop virtualization deployments—in fact, check back tomorrow for an exciting announcement from Dell and VMware.

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About the Author: Rafael Colorado

Rafael Colorado is a product director in Dell EMC’s Extreme Scale Infrastructure division. Rafael leads a group responsible for defining and managing products and solutions for scale-out markets that are rapidly shifting towards cloud-based architectures. Rafael earned an Industrial Engineering degree and holds an EMBA from the University of Illinois. His previous experience includes Motorola where he led a product marketing and strategy team and Colgate Palmolive in different marketing roles. He also funded a successful technology startup company.