Dell’s One-Stop Custom Shop offers more colors than black

 It was Henry Ford who once answered a question about what colors the Model-T was offered in by stating that customers could get one in any color they wanted, as long as it was black. For nearly a decade Dell OEM Solutions has offered several server platforms to our customers in just the same way. The choice for an un-branded bezel on our OEM Ready platforms was any color they wanted, as long as it was Dell gray. We have always offered full customization where any color could be used, but those projects are aimed at larger opportunities where the cost of the project is justified. The OEM Ready program is aimed at fast, simple and affordable customization for our customers to differentiate their products based on Dell PowerEdge servers from standard Dell products any IT shop could buy.

Recently, Dell OEM Solutions started offering the OEM Ready platforms with bezels painted in any of five colors: Gray, Black, Red, Blue and White. Customers also get their choice of Oval, Round, and Rectangular badges which they can add their branding to. We call this new offering “OEM Express” in that our customers have more options on how they can customize their platforms without engaging in a complex fully custom program with our amazing custom engineering teams.

I recently visited Susan Dempski, OEM Product Group Program Manager, and learned more about the new OEM Express program and filmed the conversation:

Susan explained to me that the new program is fast, simple, and affordable to our OEM customers and can be handled by our sales organization without heavy involvement from our engineering team. If you are interested in learning more or have questions, contact us or leave comments below.

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