Dell’s OEM Division and The New PowerEdge 11th Generation Servers

Since 1995, I’ve had the pleasure to participate in the growth of Dell from a relatively small computer start-up to one of the largest technology providers in the world. What a ride it’s been!

In 2001, I joined Dell's Industry Solutions Group (ISG), typically referred to as the OEM Group within Dell. It’s been ten years since our group began customizing hardware and providing unique services to OEM customers who use standard Dell hardware in their offerings. Last week, my colleague Bruce Eric Anderson, introduced me in a post he wrote on Google's new search appliance. Google is one of our many customers and represent some of the topics that I’ll be writing about here on Inside Enterprise IT.

As a Systems Consultant, I’ve assisted hundreds of product managers, engineers and developers create hardware appliances for their solution. I’ve helped them manage through hardware transitions, and, I’ve informed them about the future of Dell hardware solutions so they could be prepared for all the improvements that come with the advancements of technology.

This past March, Dell released the first of its 11th generation of PowerEdge servers based on Intel’s XEON 5500 series of CPUs, the PowerEdge R610, R710 and T610. These truly innovative servers, along with the recently released PowerEdge R410 and T410, incorporate many improvements driven specifically by our OEM customers. I have seen several generations of PowerEdge servers marketed as appliances by our customers, and every generation has been consistently more reliable, stable, and feature-appropriate than its predecessor.

We continuously listen to the needs of our customers and use that information to improve the products and services that help them achieve their market goals more effectively and efficiently.

So, I'm happy to be able to share my industry observations with you here and hope that you'll let me know your thoughts and feedback. If you want to reach me directly with questions, you can ping me at franklin_flint at Dell (dot) com.

About the Author: Franklin Flint