Dell’s “Custom Tailor” to Internet Stars turns three — Expands to serve the next 1000

A few weeks ago, Dell’s Data Center Solution (DCS) group celebrated its third birthday.  This team — which acts as a “custom tailor” to some of the world’s biggest internet stars — services businesses who require a vast amount of computing horsepower to run data-intensive applications.  In addition to major internet players, DCS’s customers include financial services organizations, national government agencies, institutional universities, laboratory environments and energy producers.

At the recent Dell enterprise launch we announced the expanding of our DCS efforts beyond the 30 customers we have been working with in our “classic” business.   Leveraging the knowledge and experience we have gained working with the biggest of the big we have created a portfolio of products and solutions to address “the next 1000.”

To get an idea of where DCS has come from and where its going check out the video above that DCS marketing director Andy Rhodes created pre-launch to help our sales force.

Some of the topics Andy tackles:

  • What is “hyper scale,” who uses it and how big is the market?
  • Why was DCS established in the first place and the high-touch nature of its customer relationships.
  • How do we take what we’ve learned working with a small group and take it to the next 1000 customers?
  • How does the hyper scale inspired PowerEdge C line differ from the traditional PowerEdge line and what markets are they targeted at.

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