Dell’s Cloud Portfolio for Cloud Builders: Systems Integrators, Telecoms & Hosters

Many companies are intrigued about the growing buzz about Dell’s foray into the Cloud.  It’s not just buzz though.  Dell has developed a broad portfolio – including Cloud solutions, services and products designed to support Cloud building.

If you are a Systems Integrator, Telecom or Hoster (or as Dell calls it, a Next Generation Service Provider), you look beyond using cloud technologies merely for your own internal IT goals. In fact, you probably see “Cloud as-a-Profit Center”, clearly on the revenue side of your own income statement and part of what you do to earn a living. With this in mind, here are a few of the top considerations for NGSPs:

  • Evolutionary vs. Revolutionary Paths? – Perhaps you have heard the Revolutionary- Evolutionary Cloud dichotomy before. But don’t be fooled. Taking an evolutionary or revolutionary path to the cloud is not always an “either or” question. For telecoms and other service providers it’s usually “all of the above”. Chances are that pockets of your business (such as a UNIX based billing systems) will benefit immensely by moving evolutionarily from laggard technologies to next generation IT. Think application migration and modernization and virtualization. Other pockets of your business (and of your customers’ business!) could in fact be ‘green field’ initiatives and thus candidates for more Revolutionary cloud technologies in Dell’s portfolio. Like Yogi Berra said, “When you come to the fork in the road, take it.”
  • Focus on your needs, not what a vendor offers.  I am amazed to see even large service providers pigeon-hole themselves into the language and the pre-selected metrics from tech vendor bids. The best way to maximize the benefits of your cloud infrastructure and services is to redirect the conversation from the specifics of a bid, back to your own needs.
  • Full Spectrum of Cloud Solutions.  As a service provider you likely have your own cloud offers.  And to help you build and manage your clouds, Dell delivers a spectrum of cloud products and solutions. From industry leading PowerEdge C-Series infrastructure to modular data centers, to management tools such as Virtual Integrated System and to Cloud-delivered services, Dell creates purpose-built solutions designed to directly answer your cloud-building needs.
  • Helping you to win. We also know that you sometimes have your own “cloud bake-offs” for your prospects. And with a dedicated Next Gen Service Provider team, we are here to help you win with marketing, sales and tech support.

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About the Author: Scott Turner